THE ART OF A SCIENTIST is an innovative exhibit in which STEM graduate students’ scientific images are displayed alongside artistic renditions inspired by this research. This years theme is: ACTION, REACTION. Actions and reactions are seen across every scientific discipline, from Newton’s third law of motion, to the stimulus-response theory of psychology. By centering our 2019 exhibition around actions and reactions, we hope to encompass the dynamic nature of scientific discovery and progress. 

Reacting to [re]ACTION - Closing Reception

Saturday, June 22nd from 4-6pm at the Golden Belt Grand Gallery (800 Taylor St., Durham, NC 27701)

Art and science have a lot in common, but we don’t always see it that way. Join THE ART OF A SCIENTIST as we close out our second exhibit dedicated to exploring the connections between these two disciplines!

We invite you to stop by our closing reception for free food, fun activities, and the chance to hear from some of our artist and scientist pairs about their collaborations. This event is free and open to the public! JOIN US at our closing reception for free food & drinks, as well as a last look at our 2019 exhibit!

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Gallery Hours:


Golden Belt Grand Gallery located at 800 Taylor St, Durham NC 27701

DIRECTIONS: Google Maps (Directions): Click Here

There is parking all along the outskirts of the building complex, but this address (800 Taylor St) will likely take you near HiWire Brewing. If you come in from this direction, go up the stairs and follow the patio railing past the brewery and the outdoor amphitheater area. You will see a large portion of the building made of glass - enter here!

You can also enter via the parking lot off of Franklin Street. This is a bit more complicated because the parking lot is between several more sections of the Golden Belt Campus. You are looking for another fully glass wall between two brick sections of buildings. 

The gallery is a long rectangle that spans HiWire and other portions of the Golden Belt Campus.


Thanks to all of our 2019 sponsors!